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View from the Cemetery

View from the Cemetery - March 2012 - Part 3

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Monday, 19 March 2012

Another mighty win on the road, and still top of the league, when will it end? Probably in a fortnight's time up at Spenny, the cynical might suggest, but I beg to differ, looks to me like we play better against the top sides, so who is to say we can't go deep into the country and win again? I won't see it of course, but Tuesday tonight should be good, league champions themselves only a year or three back and always a steady side. Will the manager go with the two big men up top again, he seems to have returned to this of late. Certainly worked against the Bay when we launched the second half aerial assault, to much hapless defending in the box. Bring it on!

View from the Cemetery - March 2012 - Part 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Thursday, 8 March 2012

Deary me, a goalless draw. Only the second time this season that has happened here at Meadow Park, and as the lights went out after five minutes the last time it probably doesn't count. Is this cruelty to the deceased? Not really, it was actually a very decent game, featuring a few great saves, from both keepers to be fair, and one extraordinary miss, when one of our bold boys managed to put himself into the net but forgot the ball. Still, the giants of the Bay to look forward to, with their travelling hordes. Wonder if the Defty brand of hospitality matches up to that back at the seasiders' home? Will anybody dare ask for chips? Will they end up crying if they do? Still, extra pie ordered, I am reliably informed.

View from the Cemetery - February 2012

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Monday, 6 February 2012

Good season? Not from where I'm watching. I haven't seen the lads win since well before Christmas. Mighty victories on the road are all well and good, but we more static supporters have our needs too you know. To be fair, one way traffic is the only way to describe the Penrith game, bit of larceny there, and I thought it was all going swimmingly when we went two up in a crack against Consett, but no, it wasn't to be. I reckon it is the curse of Tracey. Still, she may be happier after the wonderful work done by the council and their lads on Monday. Never do things the easy way when their is the council way instead. Vast expense for minimal result, that's the style. Much welding and contriving resulting in raising the ball net a couple of feet, that will make all the difference, I'm sure...


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