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Submitted by el Queso Grande on Saturday, 18 April 2020


Just saying th'knaas.

Hoping that everyone, friends and others alike, laugh is staying safe, sound and at home.

If anyone cares to change the habit of a lifetime and actually reply, that would be nice devil

Yes, i'm still here! laugh hope you are staying safe too, marra. 

Missing the local footy and the lack of sport generally, but there are far more important things to worry about at present.

Or Maravilloso as one might say when living the life on one of the costas, I got a response! Mind I did think Simon was a good bet for a reply, he being as nebby as owt wink (just kidding th'knaas).

By the way, did you know that maravilloso is pronounced marraveeyoso by them as taalks Spanish?

When I was a bairn we used to call licorice spanish. Isn't life wonderful?

Just touching base gentlemen.

I thought "Wundebar" was German. wink

We at the Jones household are doing fine. Nice bit of gardening and painting done. The wife's very good at that sort of thing while I relax and take in the sun.

Nothing apparently happening on the football front or any front really. Boredom starting to set in.

Keep safe everyone.

If your not sure about social distancing apparently "Triggers" brush is the yardstick to use.smiley

Is Trigger's brush the one that lasts forever as long as you replace the head and shank in alternate years?

When you touched base did you bend your knees or just your back?

Wunderbar is indeed German, but, as the most frequent visitors (i.e. me) to this site are more comfortable with Español I merely offered the alternative devil

Tidying the back garden, mowing the front lawn, washing the car, wallpapering the chimney breast wall, replacing some loose floor tiles in the bathroom. These are all jobs which I will get around to doing. Eventually cool

That is the very one. 16 new heads and 5 new shanks. 

Only got one job left to do which is painting the side of the garage. Think I'll leave that for her indoors to finish off. "Looking for some gold paint" wink

You and your family stay safe.

I might see you round about January if the FA have their own way.

Alreet marra. I'm still unsocial distancing. I've wrote to our Boris to see if he can knock the distance up to 3 meters in the bedroom, mind the 2 meters has come in handy as it gives me a canny start from the frying pan and the plates. I'm sure she's Greek. Not be long now before we can have a shower aswell as washing our hands.

Keith I was talking to one of my gang last night (Derek). He was one of those who got the 12 week lockdown. He's doing ok just sick not been able to get out. But I'm trying to smuggle some stuff into him.

Good to know Derek is being looked after.

I get regular phone calls and texts from people who are anxious to know how Mrs. S. and me are. Which is nice. No one has managed to smuggle anything useful in for me, though. Obviously lacking your expertise wink