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Old fans' forum closed

Submitted by Tim Robinson on Tuesday, 29 September 2015


The old fans forum has now closed. It's still available as a read only archive at the old address.

Thanks very much to all those who contributed over the years. I hope you register and join in with the new forum.

I am disappointed to see that a comment I posted more than 24 hours ago, which was held back for moderation when a moderator became available, has not yet been approved.

How many moderators are there and does every post made need approval?

If so, it will discourage posters from taking any interest at all.

Hmm. That was not held back for moderation. The comment I posted was in answer to Rob's report on the Norton game but that still hasn't appeared.

Sorry about that. I'll take a look at the comments settings to get to a better position.

It's early days on these things so bear with me!