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League Cup 1st Round

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Wednesday, 23 September 2015


RCA 1-1 North Shields, visitors won penalty shoot-out by 4-3.


Gutted at the late equaliser by Sheels, 88 minutes was it? Their profligacy in some of their earlier attacks was unexpected, to say the least.


Gutted at the outcome of the penalty shoot-out which the CA could have nailed with the 5th after young Talbot perfomed excellently in nets. Some poor attempts by both sides.


Quite pleased with the work-rate from the drastically depleted team, though. 

The work rate from everyone last night was phenomenal, its hard to take when you concede an equaliser so late in the game and then have to play another 30 minutes.

Great attitude shown the from both teams. Penalty shootouts are what they are one team has to win and one team has to lose but as you say Keith young James has saved 3 penalties and their keeper only saved one yet they go through.

A mention on the game itself, played in the right spirit throughout well referee'd with only a few incidents, well supported if somewhat noisy for the tranquel surroundings of Ryhope and despite the result a good advert for Northern League football.  



Only one thing against the Sheels support worth mentioning, the guy who, at half-time, decided to remove the team sheet from the board outside Defty's Diner for the sole reason, and I quote: "Now  I can identify the people I am watching".

Penalty shoot out great experience for James Talbot. All the North Shields supporters behind watch him save 3. Can't buy it !