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Submitted by el Queso Grande on Saturday, 30 January 2016


IF North Shields emerge as victors over Morpeth on Monday next, they will be required to compete in the FA Vase 5th round on Saturday Feb 6, which, I believe, will leave the CA without a fixture that day.

Dunston have to replay against Ashford Utd, which leaves Benfield also without a fixture.

The twice-postponed home league fixture v Benfield has been re-scheduled for Tuesday Feb 23 but it would make sense (to me anyway) to bring this forward to Feb 6 if the North Shields game is postponed. Could a contingency arrangement not be agreed? I much prefer watching my footie in Ryhope, tha nars cool

We will wait until Monday nights result but I had looked at the possibility of pulling foward a fixture.

Unfortunately I never take anything for granted in football and the result of the Morpeth v North Shields match whenever it takes place will be a hard call.

I have sent an email to Kevin Hewitt on the subject and await his reply.

Cheers, Rob. I hope you don't mind me suggesting this sort of thing, just I spend most Saturday evenings updating my files and fixtures (sad, I know,blush) and the possible situation presented itself.

No Need to panic Rasher does Morpeth a favour gets sent offwinkand they go on to win.


Next up for us North Shields FC.

Football Eh!

It has been the norm, in seasons past, for clubs involved in the National stages of the FA Vase to be allowed a fixture-free week leading up to the date of a tie. Morpeth play in the quarter finals on Feb 20, have they not requested a further postponement of the game against the CA on Feb 17?

They have not requested a postponement with us, however they could do via the league.

Also, not sure when Rasher's ban kicks in but i believe it is 15th Feb. They may want to play to have the player available assuming it is a 1 match ban.


All speculation of course.