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Thank you for registering as a user of the Sunderland RCA web site.

Sunderland RCA's web site, like many web sites, uses the http protocol. Any site with an http address is not secure. Very basically, this means that data you submit to the site, including your user name and password, could be intercepted by a 'man in the middle.' Sites which use the https protocol do not have this insecurity because data flowing between the user and the web site are encrypted. For example, banks and sites which transact purchases use https. The Sunderland RCA betting site is also secure.

We will explore more the feasibility of moving the Sunderland RCA web site from http to https, but this is not a trivial change, technically or in terms of cost. The club has always run its web site on the 'cheap and cheerful' principle and it is not used to transact purchases.

For registered users, the clear implication is that your user name and password are not secure. They could be intercepted. Therefore, for the Sunderland RCA web site (and any other site using the http protocol with which you are registered) you should use a unique password which is not similar to passwords that you use for sites which require security, for example, your bank or shopping sites; essentially, any site where you transmit data which needs to be secure.

Please take this opportunity to change your Sunderland RCA user password by clicking on your account link. If you no longer wish to be a registered user of the Sunderland RCA web site, please delete your account. If you wish to delete your account but cannot login, you can ask me to delete your account for you.

Thank you.

Tim Robinson
For Sunderland RCA

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