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Resources for opposition programme editors

This is a switchboard page for other clubs’ programme editors, providing links to text that can easily be copied and pasted, the Sunderland RCA club badge and access to photos which you are free to use in connection with matches against us.

We strongly recommend that you use the links below to access Sunderland RCA programme resources.

Player, management and coaches pen pictures - with photos

Player, management and coaches pen pictures - text only

Player, management and coaches pen pictures - text only and compact - I think this view will suit most programme editors

Player squad list

Club history

For more extensive information about Sunderland RCA please click here.

Club badge - with white background

Club badge - with transparent background


All photographs on the Sunderland RCA website may be used by opposition clubs in their official match programmes.

This is the latest team photograph.

This is a link to many action shots.

Searching - opens in a new window - using a single word part of your club name, e.g. Benfield, Aycliffe, Dunston, Whickham may serve up match reports involving your club, with photos. Simon Mears’ match photos are now stored on Google.

Primarily older photo sets on Flickr: Tim Robinson - look for your club’s name in the albums.