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Cemetery View - April 2010

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Thursday, 8 April 2010

Well, closer and closer we get. Will we make it this time? Just a couple of weeks now to find out if it is to be the dreaded fourth place again, or if we can stagger over the line at last. Few interesting events since my last communication, including a very feisty game against the Stokesley lads, on and off the pitch. But such days are not everybody’s cup of tea, oh no, definitely not. Our old friend the returning big fella up front, who has been scoring for fun for them, came out for the warm up, saw Scotty looking at him, and felt his hamstring twinge again; “I reckon the best place for me today is on the bench, boss, boss?”

And then two games in a week against the Cumbrian outpost. I wasn’t able to make it over there obviously, but from what I hear we had some unhappiness with the performance of the officials? Ref and Lino to you and me of course, but Mick and Jim and “what you having after the game mate?” to the locals I hear. No doubt they were impeccably even handed I hasten to say…

The league boys have been round again, checking up on the bits and pieces of work that have been done, not a lot if you ask me, but they went away happy, seems like re-opening the old doorway for a few quid worked just as well as the new portacabin for 20 grand that was being talked about. Must be those cutbacks I keep hearing the politicians going on about. Going to be just like the war for the next few years is what I reckon, “make do and mend’, “dig for victory” “loose lips sink ships”, and that kind of thing, community spirit all round, could be the making of us all…

And finally I hear we are to get a Northern League cup final here in leafy Ryhope Village. Steady on, we have only been in the league for 20 odd years, can’t be our turn yet, surely?