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View from the Cemetery - January

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Back at last, and no doubt glad of it. I am. Hopefully that ten days or so of real bad weather in December is the worst we are going to get all winter and we can get on with getting some games played. Although our little derby trip down to Seaham didn't work out as anybody planned. Good effort to get the lights back on when they failed just before kick off, and 90% succesful. But 90% wasn’t quite good enough. The Seaham keeper down the far end had just about disappeared from the stand, apart from his lovely white gloves, looked like that old French mime artist, Marcel Marceau. Sacre bleu!

Not great form in the last few games we played, but not that bad either in my view. Very good against Ashington, and pretty good against Heaton Stannington, in a game we probably deserved something from. Red Star was a tight contest as far as it went, and we might well have won. Or lost. Anyway plenty of games to play and we need to get on some kind of a run to get more points on the board and push a bit up the table. But a lot of clubs will be saying the same. If the weather holds off might be a real good last few months of the season.

At the same time the hunt for extra hands, and also money to help run the club will continue full speed ahead. All ideas gratefully considered!

In the wider football world, what about the World Cup? No doubt about the quality of a lot of the football on show, and despite their poor start and sometimes over the top behaviour, the Argentinians were worthy winners. Dominated most of the final against France and took some good penalties. Unlike England. That was Harry Kane’s fourth miss in twenty one attempts for England, not good enough for an international pen taker. Mind, better than the Spanish, who were atrocious. Footballers always seem reluctant to learn from the good pen takers, their is a technique lads. And we won’t mention the ludicrous Infantino…

More importantly, over at the SoL Sunderland seem to have put themselves a decent side together, despite terrible luck with injuries. They certainly try to play all the time, which means they make a lot of mistakes, but they don’t get put off and just try again. I like that. They are certainly entertaining. Of course the hysterical among the faithful are now worrying themselves sick over Stewart and whether he leaves or not. Bound to at some point I would think, although it wouldn’t make much sense to let him go this month. They need another striker anyway, but also a bit of extra nous and steel in midfield wouldn’t go amiss. Having said that Amad Diallo obviously looks a bit special, certainly in this league.

Anyway we can worry about our own little problems, big three months for the club coming up, need to get our future sorted one way or the other.