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View from the Cemetery - November - 3

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Well now, this was getting quite serious! A continuing run of defeats, some unlucky, some not, some against very good sides and some not, but even so. And Ashington, favourites to win the Ebac Northern League Division One this season are next up on Saturday at Sunderland LGV Park. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, off field troubles as well. Serious, so I am told, but maybe not quite as disastrous as some may say, or indeed believe. Let us see how things develop in the next few weeks, both on and off the field before we jump to conclusions.

We are not the first club to lose a few in a row, and we are not the first to have worries over people and money. Indeed there may be a silver lining if you consider that many of the North East clubs now flying up the football ladder are clubs that have had severe troubles not so very long ago. Spennymoor, South Shields and Hebburn would certainly fit into that category, and good luck to them with the success they are now and recently having. Maybe we will look at this in a few years time and see a turning point. Maybe.

Anyway, I am assured that behind the scenes work goes on apace to put things right, although at the same time I am sure all and any offers of help will be gratefully received.

We are not the only fish in the football sea, so let us consider the Qatar World Cup. You may well know my view on whether or not it should be happening out there in the Gulf, or indeed at this time, but enough for now, let's think about the football itself. One thing is for sure, not many people would have anticipated England producing one of the best displays in the first round of games. But they have done. And Wales fought back very well, while you couldn’t say much positive about Germany or Argentina.

Certain people may have considered including top Argentine striker Lautaro Martinez in their Dream Team, as he is generally considered one of the world's best strikers at the minute.

Well, nobody told me he didn’t know about the offside rule. At all.

Most impressive for me in the unexpected category so far, as well as Saudi Arabia and Japan of course, would be Morocco. I thought they looked the part against Croatia, most strikingly in terms of the speed and energy they were showing in the last ten minutes. Might well make the quarters at least.

A big talking point has been the amount of extra time played in most games. I think by and large it's a good thing. Not sure it will affect any time wasting, but at least it gives teams time to get back into the game.

Only one game on in the Championship a week on Saturday, and Sunderland are at home with a 12:30 kick off. A good chance to bring a friend to the RCA game at 3.00, against an exciting new side in Heaton Stannington.

Put the word about. You know it makes sense ...