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View from the Cemetery - March 2022

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Friday, 4 March 2022

The world turned upside down in the last week. Football, or anything else for that matter, doesn’t seem very important as a war breaks out, for as far as anybody can tell, no great purpose, except death and destruction and an old man’s fevered imagination. Fingers crossed for anyone caught up in it, and for the rest of us watching and hoping from a distance. Good luck Ukraine.

So, the lads have had a week off, is that a good thing or a bad thing after two defeats? Difficult to tell, and anyway up to the league not us. My reliable and impartial observer thought we were pretty unlucky not to pick up something from the Benfield game. Indeed, he thought that, after a long very even battle, we had just got well on top going into the last fifteen minutes or so when Benfield scored, twice. That's OK, these things happen in games, and Benfield are always very difficult opponents, (with a particularly outstanding keeper in Andrew Grainger, who seems to have been around as long as their undoubtedly immortal, if now very grey, centre forward Paul Brayson). He was a bit harsher about the Bishops game, yes we could easily have got something from the game, but did we deserve it, or were Bishops good value for their effort through the game? Maybe. He wasn’t sure. Miserable git..

It has knocked us off the pace a bit and regardless of whether you think its fair or not, there is no question of that. But there is still a lot of games to go, and, after much doubt, a last minute Cup competition to have a bash at, just for First Division sides, and with a interesting first game to come next week at home against Whitley Bay. And that after an unusual Friday night league fixture against West. Evidently the committee enjoyed their night out at West in November so much they immediately agreed to the same idea for the return. But will it be attractive to the Sunderland LGV Park faithful? Creatures of habit around these parts, and Friday is a regular drinking night for many an old boy. Will they give their custom for an hour or two to Defty’s Diner rather than the Guide Post? Be interesting to see, and to be fair a good game to look forward to. So a possibly good March and April to finish the season, got to be good.

Elsewhere Sunderland produce an entirely predictable performance after a disastrous run by beating championship contenders. Play offs still on? Yes, but would you look forward to them ...?

And the Mags have gone bananas, rocketing up the table on the back of some solid defensive performances. I’ll say that again, some solid defensive performances. Will this last?

Well all those on the dark side seem to think so, but personally, I’m not so sure, there are a few ifs and buts could happen yet. And the Mags finish their season with Liverpool at home, Man City away and Arsenal at home, and with Burnley away to finish. What if they only needed a point from those last four games, would it be worth a bet? Either way of course…