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View from the Cemetery - November

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Monday, 1 November 2021

The goals continue to flow, but unfortunately at both ends. Not much point me going over this here, read Rob Jones match reports, and the views of our manager in this programme and you will get a sense of how frustrating the last few weeks have been. Narrow wins are exciting, but sadly narrow defeats are just annoying.

Couple of new faces around the place. Chris Winn won’t be unknown to most people, a well established Northern League forward, including from a stint over the cemetery with the CW. A good forward who will be a good addition. Different matter, in terms of being a well known face, with our new goalkeeper on loan from Sunderland, Harrison Bond, who made his debut for us down at Thornaby, and whose picture graces the front cover of the programme. First class moniker for a start. And he certainly looked the part. Big strong, athletic and confident looking lad. Made one very good save, caught crosses well and his kicking was excellent, long and accurate. Actually he didn’t have that much to do. Hopefully he will enjoy his time with us and make a good contribution as well as developing his game. Good luck Mr Bond…

We seem to be getting a reputation with SAFC as the place to send their young keepers for a while, and the powers that be at the Academy clearly think we did a good job with James Talbot, Michael Woud and Anthony Patterson.

All good keepers and good lads, if a bit different.

Patto was a lovely lad in his time with us, and a top keeper, but undeniably quiet. His progress since then seems to show we must have brought him out of his shell a bit. Jamesy Talbot on the other hand was not quiet at all, indeed the tale of one night out with the lads in Durham proves that, but must of course remain confidential. He was an outgoing and cheerful character and very popular with his team mates and stays in touch with them. He was obviously also a first class keeper, as evidenced by the number of people from other clubs who asked “where the hell we had got him from?’ He stayed with us quite a while and was excellent.

He went home to Ireland and has become well established with Bohemians in Dublin, as well as in the squads of the Irish international team. Really good to see old boys do so well. Michael Woud wasn’t with us very long, but became a full international for New Zealand not long after, so we must have done something just about right! Keepers the game, RCA the name ...

So, anyway have the wheels fallen off at the SoL? Certainly a bit wobbly.

Nothing won or lost in October of course, and maybe better to find out a few things now rather than in February, but that won’t appease some of the slightly deranged but faithful. I remember back in the day in one of Peter Reid’s promotion campaigns SAFC having a similar mini crisis, and there being quite a commotion after one particular heavy defeat down South somewhere. He made a change or two and everything came right.

Mind, he was a very good manager…