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View from the Cemetery October - 3

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Tuesday, 26 October 2021

A goal feast at Sunderland LGV Park on Saturday, in a seven goal thriller, and to be fair it looked that way from the start. We scored with our second attack, and a couple of minutes later Billy Town were level. A couple more goals, which might have been more, during the first half made it look reasonably comfortable for RCA, but I’m afraid our undoubted capacity to score is matched, almost, by our capacity to concede.

We sat back a bit and ended up getting deeper and deeper as the second half wore on, until Billingham were deservedly level after 85 minutes. After which of course we bucked our ideas up, had a couple of chances and Sparky notched the winner with a minute or two to go. I must ask somebody to count how many goals we have scored in the last ten minutes of games this season, it feels like a lot. Sometimes decisive and sometimes not, but a useful talent to have up your sleeve. Still points in the bag, and sitting in mid table, not too bad so far.

It feels like our luck with injuries must change at some point, and a settled defence would be a big help.

Elsewhere, Saturday gone was also Vase First Round Proper day and we were not involved, as we have usually been in most seasons over the past few years. Annoying. A Vase game once a month in October, November and December certainly keeps the interest going in the season as the bad weather starts to bite. But never mind about us, how did our Northern League colleagues do?

The Colliery must have put up a good show at home to the reborn Bury, who are getting good crowds and have clear ambitions to rise back to former glories for their town, although I understand there is some dispute with regard to Gigg Lane among various factions. And to be fair former glories means scrubbing around the fourth division, hoping for the occasional cup tie against United or Citeh. A one goal defeat will have been hard to take but well done anyway to the CW.

Down the road Red Star got beat at home on pens, a terrible way to go out, while our vanquishers, Redcar Town, managed to win on pens in Grimsby. So the adventure goes on for them; all the best boys.

The stand out result for me though was the other Billingham club, Synthonia, managing to defeat the Isle of Man. That has got to look good on your football club CV. Beating a whole island, with its own parliament and everything. Cracking result. Anyway, nine clubs into the next round, good luck to all, carry the Northern League flag lads.

Over at the SoL the inevitable defeat to Charlton occurred on cue. A slight worry that it was already the third loss of the season with still a long way to go, but overall things look under control. I hope..

Over in the Gulf the Twenty20 World Cup is under way. Cricket that is. Couple of notable results so far. India thrashed by Pakistan, that will have gone down well in Mumbai and Delhi, and, in the comedy section, Scotland facing up to the might of Afghanistan, who might have been excused for having other things on their minds. Optimism reigned that Scotland could do themselves proud. And they did live right down to great Scottish disastrous sporting performances of the past with the Afghans giving them an epic beating by 130 runs. Takes some doing that in twenty overs. Scots, why aye…


Our first goal in the last 10 minutes of a match this season was as recent as Seaham Red Star away (2 October).

Since then, we've scored goals in the last 10 minutes against Penrith (1), Bishop Auckland (1), Newton Aycliffe (2), Ashington (1), and Billingham Town (1). 

Of those seven goals, three have been crucial in giving the team five additional points.

*Taylor Richardson also scored in the 78th minute at Bishops, so it's almost eight goals.

October has definitely been late goals month!