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View from the Cemetery, 7 August

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Monday, 9 August 2021

Well, I thought that was overall a decent start to the season. A tough and competitive game against our old friends from across the cemetery, which we won deservedly, but not by much. Wednesday night was a bit of a disappointment with, according to my on the spot spies, the game turning on two first half penalty incidents, the first being rightly awarded to us for a trip, and then unfortunately poked just wide of the post, and the second twenty minutes later being a pretty poor decision by the ref when our new and excellent centre half, Simon, recovered his own mistake with a superb tackle, which the ref unexpectedly saw as a foul and a pen. More than a bit unlucky. Having said that Guisborough won well in the end and looked very decent, a young, hard working and very mobile side. Apart from the keeper of course, the redoubtable Deano, who could have been sent off before half time for one of his trademark lunging challenges outside the box but got away with a booking. He couldn’t believe it either. Anyway, enough sour grapes.

Plenty to build on, and be very nice to win today and maybe have a little cup run, with the next round away to Frickley Athletic. Nice ride out.

Bishops always seem to come with a weight of expectation, which sometimes they embrace and sometimes weighs heavy. They seem to be putting their faith in youth and home grown development nowadays, which is very wise in my opinion, best to build new history every year. Their time will come again.

In the wider world the Olympics grind on, with unexpected developments in the Velodrome where somebody seems to have given a lot of of other countries the secret of our magic bikes. Is nothing sacred?

The skateboarding was a lot of fun, although commentated on in an entirely new language. Not much my idea of sport to be fair but the bairns seem to love it and nobody could doubt the commitment or bravery of those kids, hurling themselves about and laughing when they fell off. Thought the 46 year old bloke looked a bit out of place mind. And the Board Park produced another classic bit of Colemanballs commentary from some hack dragged into make the numbers up. He thought it was impossible to imagine anybody younger then the  superb 13 year old Sky Brown ever winning a medal; which had been slightly disproved in the same event with a twelve year old Japanese girl beating her into second. Where do they get them from?

Over at the SoL SAFC will be kicking off at the same time as us today, what will the season bring? More heartbreak for the faithful? Or a miracle return? I am quite impressed with this new regime so far, bombing out all those they don’t rate as soon as possible, and particularly refusing to be panicked into signing players they don’t want just to get Mr Hysterical of Facebook off their back. 

Wisest to sign those you know you want and can get, as they have, and then wait until later in the window, that's when more options open up. Might mean a bumpy few weeks of course, buts that is nothing new in these parts. Rebuilding at the SoL and here at Sunderland LGV Park, who will do it best do you think?

Finally, if you fancy getting involved, RCA are always on the look out for new volunteers, just speak to someone in a red jacket ...