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RCA Lottery

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Friday, 12 June 2020


This should be on the home page as well:

An opportunity to support the club with a great initiative from our junior section with the new 50/50 Lottery Bingo. All the instructions are in the link with the option to pay securely online or by bank transfer. First game is Saturday 20th June and the more that play the bigger the prize. We have some HUGE and exciting plans for the junior sections next season, with more details released over the coming weeks. If you have any problems or questions regarding the Lottery Bingo just drop us a message and we’ll be to happy help. Good Luck.

  • How it works

  • £10 one-off entry payment per line

    Players pick 6 numbers between 1-59

    Using Wednesday and Saturdays Lotto draw, any numbers including the bonus ball, drawn in the Lotto will be marked off against your corresponding number. The first player to have all 6 numbers drawn wins.

    *Please Note* If more than one person draws all 6 numbers on the same draw then the prize money will be split equally among those people. 

    A quick example of how it works:

    If you picked 3-17-29-30-48-51 and 3 and 51 were drawn in Saturday's Lotto draw, these would be marked off, leaving you needing 4 numbers... and so on.

    Once it's won, the prize money will be split with 50% going to the winner and 50% going to the club.

    The more entries the bigger the prize! Once the game has been won, a new game starts with another £10 one-off entry fee.