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View from the Cemetery - January 2020

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Sunday, 12 January 2020

Well, a win or two to celebrate is good, yes? A very nice feeling. And good wins at that, against good opposition. All credit to the lads and the management team, a bit of a tweak to the system and a consistent selection, and hey presto! Things can and have got radically better.

There is no doubt however that the win over at North Shields last week was the one to make people sit up and take notice. Result or no result, North Shields are a big strong, committed and capable team, on a real good run of form and they will be there or thereabouts come the end of the season, no question. But it didn’t help them much as we controlled their attacks in the first half when they had all the benefit of the conditions, and when the weather situation was reversed after half time we came on very, very strong.

There were a couple of regular followers of RCA who had no doubt that this was the best we have played this season. They may be right, it was certainly good. The signs were there against the CW but never the less, it was still a daunting prospect going to the Meadowell, even if you managed to fight the juvenile hooligans in the car park off, so well done all. The great thing about it is that we are only half way through our league season, there is an awful long way to go. I can feel myself getting carried away….

In the wider football world, or at least the bit centred on the City of Sunderland, there is some confusion. Just as the existing head lad to all intents and purposes says, sod this, nobody loves me, I’m off, the team starts to play a bit better. He may need a re think. Given the league they are in, they probably only need to be a bit better and have a bit of luck to turn things from s**t to sunshine in a few weeks. Will Parkinson out soon be Parky for Prime Minister? Cheer up Parkinson? I wouldn’t be surprised.

At the same time, and to add further spice to the situation, the Mags, and old potato head, find themselves slumping rapidly, very sad, no? And the Boro, God bless them, lead by the born again street fighter young Woodgate, suddenly look like Real Smoggy. So, what price all three North East teams in the same division next season?

Get it on, you heard it here. And Athletico for the Champions League. I know I say that every year, but this time its for Real…

Did you see what I did there?

Meanwhile, down in South Africa Ben Stokes does his usual water into wine routine to win the cricket for England, in an interesting series in which neither side can bat to save their lives and the bowlers are top dollar.

But finally, have you been watching the BDO darts? You have? Well, I’m very pleased somebody has….