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View from the Cemetery - October 2019

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Wednesday, 9 October 2019

I normally start this column with my thoughts on our own fortunes, and to be sure there is plenty to say there, but I think I should start this week where I left off last, with Jack Ross and his team, or rather, his team as was.

So, he has gone. There has been plenty of discontent, is there ever not, but even so it comes as a bit of a shock or at least it does to me. Not easy to see where SAFC are trying to go. Is the American deal still on? Do they want a new, more high profile boss? Or is it all off and do Donald and Co. think Ross is not now up to the job? Given my target for last season for Sunderland would have been to avoid relegation, then I think he did OK. Bit boring and defemsive but even so solid and safe. Not enough for the daft lads who hilariously think Sunderland are a big club and that lesser teams should understand this and roll over, but you can’t worry about them.

I suppose we might see what is what when Ross’s replacement arrives. As I write names being bandied about include Stendal, Phillips, Keane, Hughton and Ainsworth, though not supposedly Big Sam. Basically that looks like more of the same, never going to happen, or a leap in the dark if they go for Super Kev. Will the little fella be prepared to go from superhero to idiot in eighteen months?

My own view is that it is a big sign of failure to sack your manager in October, if it looks like panic and sounds like panic…

So what about us? Very sloppy day down at Red Star, where indiscipline cost us dear. Not for the first time we managed not to win a game when it was in our hands. The Swaz and Collingwood sideshow was entertaining though it didn’t help either side, basically shouting and screaming looks daft anf is daft. But we did have a couple of happy returns, with Hodgy playing the full game and Ross P getting some game time late on. A step or two forward, but we still have more to do to get back to a settled full strength side. Tonight won’t be easy, Billy Town seem to have learnt quickly what is needed in the top flight and good luck to them, they look like a club on the up. Be interesting.

Meanwhile over in Japan the Rugby World Cup goes on and on and on. Yea Gods it has been boring so far hasn’t it? Who would ever have thought that 80 minutes could seem so long. They do however seem to have come up with an idea to liven up the games on Saturday, with  full scale typhoon expected in the Tokyo and Yokahama areas in time for the games. Might manage to make even England look interesting. So far in a boring tournament they have been easily the most boring team, thud and blunder all the way in the traditional manner of the posh boys game. The best bit so far has been the face painting on the Japanese fans…