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When it comes to the crunch.....

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Sunday, 14 April 2019


The FA has had an interview with the Nonleague Paper & an explanation on the promotions/relegations for the end of next season 2019-20. Plus a few maps showing the changes. 

Step 1: stays the same. 

Step 2: only difference is 2 relegations from each league. 

Step 3: champions promoted & 7 playoff winners. 2 bottom placed clubs relegated from each league, plus a further 2 3rd bottom placed clubs on a ppg basis. 

Step 4: 2 promotions per league(x1 automatic & x1 via playoffs). 7 bottom placed clubs will face a one game playoff against step 5 clubs.  

Step 5: 14 champions plus the top 3 in the NWCL, NL & NCEL will be promoted. Followed by 4 runners up on a ppg in the remaining leagues. The remaining 7 runners up will face a playoff against the bottom placed step 4 clubs. 

Step 6: the SWPL will promote 2 clubs from its 2 leagues. The remaining 18 leagues will promote the top 4. The bottom 2 clubs are liable for relegation.

So, finish in the top four next season and you will be promoted. Which hoys vase exemption by virtue of league position out of the window as if you finish in the top four you won't be playing in the Vase in the following season. Oyvey, oyvey, oyvey.

I might have assumed something wrongly there. Ignore me, I don't understand it either frown

Having sought clarification, the interpretation is 

The top 3 only from those 3 leagues mentioned ‘9’. Plus all other league winners ‘11’. Plus ‘4’ runners up on a ppg basis from the remaining 11 leagues. That’s 24 clubs in total. The remaining 7 runners up will playoff against the 7 bottom placed clubs at step 4. So no extra clubs will be promoted (only a 1 off playoff game held at the step 4 league clubs ground).From the look of it, the idea that 8-10 clubs promoted from the NL. Has been spread between the 3 northern placed leagues. The NPL1E will go down as far as the M18/M180.

Mine's a pint. The Non-League Paper has made the article available on line at:

It is understood that the FA will shortly convene a meeting to set the date for a meeting in which the decision, about whether or not to have a meeting to discuss the possibility of publicising the next phase of restructuring before it is actually put into operation, will be discussed and voted upon devil

I thought all divisons were supposed to be 20 teams now, Keith - or has that changed already? 24 in step 4 from 2020-21 suggests so frown


the 24 you mention relates to promoted teams across the country from step 4 to 5 not a league of 24. 

Mind, I could be wrong, but I think the aim is to eventually have 8 leagues of 20 clubs at step 4.

Yes, that makes sense. 24 promoted clubs. The seven step 4 leagues currently all have 20 clubs competing in them, so there must be going to be a bit movement from step 4 to step 3 to accommodate the additional four teams promoted from step 5 to create the new league at step 4 laugh