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View from the cemetery - March 2019 - 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 16 March 2019

Back on track last week with a comprehensive win over Consett, we played well and won well. That means that we have beaten the two sides who will probably finish second and third in the league home and away with an aggregate score of 10-3, and yet are a good eight to nine points behind them at the moment. Frustrating isn’t the word. I think we are better than either Bishops or Consett all things being equal, but a combination of bad luck with injuries and some inexplicable results against sides near the bottom means we most likely can’t prove it this season. Annoying. Still we are on a great run at present, five wins out of six and a fairly full squad to pick from at present. Another strong end to the season looks on, let’s go for it. Been good as well to see Dylan Elliott back in the last few weeks after a few knocks and setbacks this season, and I have also noticed Stevie Callen taking part in the warm ups recently. Be great to see Steve get a few runs before the end of term, having missed most of the season, with a sportsman’s injury, not alcohol related. On we go.

I must admit my mind has not really been on football this last week, Cheltenham’s been my main focus. I know as many people are bored by racing as are keen on the gee gees, but I’m one of the latter so you will just have to lump it. Very successful as well since you ask; if still having a roof over my head by the end of the week counts as successful. Did manage a couple of winners, amongst a raft of losers, but still you can always be inspired by the bloke who won £182,000 for a £2 place pot on Tuesday. This time next year Rodney. Yes, I am a big fan of racing, particularly of the jumps, but I do worry that the animal welfare fanatics will do away with it in the next few years, fondly imagining fields full of racehorses eating grass and enjoying life. Err no, there just won’t be any, anywhere. No racing means no racehorses, which you could call a result I suppose. Rant over.

Squeaky bum time is starting early for the boys of the SoL, and it looks like they could well miss out on the automatic promotion places, leading to the dreaded play offs. Not something to look forward to, although it could be a second trip of the season to Wemberlee. Incidentally I see the hard sell of Checkatrade final tickets is underway. I wouldn’t bother, just wander up to Wemberlee on the morning of the match, I guess you will be able to pick one up. And if not, go for a pint, it’s on the telly.