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Winning "ugly"...

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Wednesday, 27 February 2019


... is an often-turned phrase but it perfectly describes the 1-0 victory at Newton Aycliffe yesterday. Five wins on the bounce now, second in the form table behind Dunston who have won the last six, all is good. Fourth place is attainable, even third place is not out of reach but might be a big ask. The thing to do is "keep pushing" as a female thespian once said to a certain clerically-ordained individual of high orders.

That game yesterday qualifies for the description "winning pretty". Some good football on show and a great all-round team performance.

Totally agree, Keith. In our last two home games we've beaten the then second-placed team comfortably. 

Hopefully the lads can finish this season as they did last season, with a good run of results.

With deference to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, I remembered these lyrics after the Whickham game last night:

I was brought up to cheat so long as the referee wasn't looking.

I'm never wrong at all.

I always fight the call.

I don't admit it.

But back in the dressing room the other side is a screaming.

And we're winning (winning), winning (winning) ugly. Yeah.

And we're winning (winning), winning (winning) ugly. Ha, ha.