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View from the cemetery - February 2019

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 23 February 2019

Good, good stuff down at Shildon. Very solid, despite Kyle Davis’s unlucky sending off. The video wasn’t clear enough to help him with an appeal, especially as the ref was very well placed and its his view that counts, but there is little doubt it was accidental and that the Shildon player made a meal of it, which  leaves a bad taste. Thankfully thereafter he had a stinker of a game, Shildon would probably have been better off if he had seen the red rather than Kyle. Good goals by Kyle and Sparky and for the vast majority of the match little to worry about at the back, with all of the defenders playing well, although a bit of a late panic made things interesting, and a cracking save by Scott Pocklington secured the points. On we go, with Bishops today, another balloon to burst? I hope so, but they will clearly be tough opponents, their form is excellent. Still, we need to push up this table, the three or four ahead of us are well in range so plenty to look forward to before the early end of the season.

Will we know by then the FA’s plans for the next season or two? Maybe. How many up, how many down this year? How many joining the second division and might that include the lads from the Jolly Potters, under their pseudonym of Sunderland West End? Are we getting a new level four league in these parts and will the Northern League get to run it? Don’t believe anybody who tells you they know the answers to any of these questions, they don’t. We must all wait and wait.

I see SAFC managed to break their run of draws the other night in a six goal thriller against the mighty Gills. I watched the game on the telly and a couple of things stood out. The defending was woeful, Swanna should be getting a game for Sunderland, and at this level Lee Cattermole looks like Bobby Charlton, but with better hair. And he isn’t Bobby Charlton. Makes you wary of judging anybody on what they can do in that league. But of course you only have to be good enough for the league you are in. I understand the SoL faithful, or some of them, have been getting a bit shirty of late, with some even mooting yet another change of manager. Makes you wonder how daft you can be and yet still make enough of a living to be able to afford tickets for the stadium. Worrying.

Looks like Chelsky are looking for another manager, with Zidane supposedly wanting enough money to keep Hazard plus £200 million on top to rebuild the team. Big of him. I could do the job with that kind of cash, and rake off a bit for myself. Blimey, I reckon Swaz might even be OK.