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Runcorn Chariot Awaits....R..C..A

Submitted by Ozo on Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Well bags are packed. Bus leaves at 9.0am sharp Sat....FA Vase days cannot be bettered.

Might even go down Friday night...never camped out down there. The Vango Talos could be unveiled. 

Bet you did not know..Runcorn Linnets have won some major Football Cups. Been in national papers recently. Google to read the story. 

Our game now attracting world wild interest.

Got to "COME CLEAN" here I am president of Helpmates UK National tent for Laurel Hardy Film Fans. Secrets Out. We will be singing Sons of The Desert tomorrow on the Bus.I also do a bit for the Seargent Bilko Society. TOP CAT !

Due to committments..Had to step down from Chairman of RCA..but SWAZ noticed my potential...promoted me to Vice Car Park Superintendant Assistant. Plus Meadow Park Ball Boy control Officer.

Well after climbing every tree surrounding our ground showing my ability...Swaz upgraded me

Promoted to Chief Scout...I went to spy on our FA Vase opposition. Full Report below.

As Bilko Said Its One For The Birds