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Respect Club Attendance ..R..C..A

Submitted by Ozo on Wednesday, 8 November 2017


It really hurt on Saturday. 3 1 up at Seaham and we lost the game 4 3 to a last min worldy.... Ouch !! But Heads up...and every RCA player plus all committee joined in at the Seaham Bar. Great Spirit. Last night it swaps the other way. Dice in our favour and last minute winner. Could not believe that not 1 representative from WA came into our clubhouse after the game. Not bothered about the drink side but even to take some food away for their journey back. Our pies maybe not the best anymore.

Please keep up Northern League Social spirit...or we may as well all give up.

On the plus side... now extra pies for Sat for the Runcorn Jolly Boys Outing. Pies instead of Beans mate.