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Raise Club Funds and Our Attendances

Submitted by Ozo on Saturday, 15 July 2017


Simple Maths but RCA Season Tickets are an absolute Steal at £70. 21 league games means that it is £3.33 per game. Plus Bonus Cup games.

However if you still dont want to pull out

How about working on getting 30 people to stake £5 and the First Prize is 2 RCA Season Tickets. £10 CLUB BONUS.  30 participants can even use the tickets on a match rotation basis. So they will basically all get a turn to see a RCA game.

If 20 members  do this

Home Attendances could be boosted by 40 people per match.

Club coffers would be boosted by £3000. After Tax Beer..pie and raffle sales

Starting to ask my 30 mates now to sign up..the Board Inn Raffle needs to be done before the end of the Month (got 2 already..our lass and my Dad)

Patent Idea....Ozo Simple Maths. Everyones a winner Rodney.