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Willen Road ..Perfect Match

Submitted by Ozo on Sunday, 22 January 2017


Well even Carlsberg...could not have planned and matched two Non League teams together like has happened in FA Vase last 16 (its the perfect football advert...and yes I do know the Vase is now sponsored by Buildbase)

Same style grounds, similar fan base, same average game attendances, silverware they edge it a touch...cos we have won nowt in Northern League but have of couple of runners up things.

I think its going to be home from home.

KEY THING now to sort is the Domino Challenge.

Get 5 players sorted boys to play Ryhopes best

5 v 5 each game first to 3 ..straight Dominos. If we lose that then its Darts..then pool..then cards. We will win something. If its cards the Game is Napoleon..or High Low Jack (with our playing decks..!!)

Looking forward to the trip lads....polish your Dominoes.

Good news everybody...if you refer to the previous thread 'Newport Pagnell Travel' and my falling down the Committee pecking order....I am on the way back up...swiftly.

.....I am now RCA Chairman again...and this is from CW himself....he has realised his misjudgement. Yes Champers out cork popped...Ozo is back ...Chairman of the Official Sunderland RCA supporters Away Day Bus to Newport. Come on !! I have never been to Wales.

Not only that I am also Chief CLUB Promotions organiser and in charge of the Domino Cards. For every 6 full cards I sell on the bus..been promised half a lager. My best mate Sammy Smith...yes him SAFC Fullwell End my Deputy.

First thing to sort is ....the wooden benches that we use in our dug outs...perfect for bus aisle seat slots. Buy 3 numbers on the place on the bench. 

33 seat capacity now up to 43...and its a 40 number card..simple this. At half time or half way down the M1...if you have can upgrade for extra fiver.

Thats the way the Vaux away days went in the 70s Boys...upgrade was only a quid then tho.

RCA Meadow Park gates open 2.0am no deckchairs or sleeping bags allowed..bus leaves soon as it is Full !!



Well CW one of the RCA supremos organiser of our Jolly Bus trying to be funny today.

States that there is no WC on the bus...a Jolly Jape methinks.

Put it this way no Toilet i.e. no WC...then no more CW...u will be lynched. Risky Business.

Well lads you know the drill. Extra large plastic containers needed.

Too late to pull out now...hopefully not saying that to you en route.

Will be an official enquiry....

Some jape in the pub last night...accessing my phone whilst at toilet. He has black eye now..calling me Blakey...on the Buses. 

OZO definitely there tomorrow ..All be prompt.

DOMINO Cards ready.