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New FIFA rule ideas and Player Legend Ideas.

Submitted by Ozo on Thursday, 19 January 2017


Loved Van Basten as a young Lad..model centre forward..and actually met him in Holland in my prime. 1982. Not Amsterdam by the way ...Hengelo. ! Now..he is as Bad as Platini.

Let them all make the rules ...5 half cards..Golden Shot Penalties....

GRASS roots...remember...Sunday games ..have one referee only

Vote for all the Crap ideas lads....Non League Football gets stronger everyday ...we will soon have World Meadow Park ..cheaper cost

World is not Donald Trumped Yet Lads

Watch Eddie the Eagle Film now.,..on our way

Wayne rooney legend eng and man utd

Like him as a wonder refs are sick of him...27 f words in one half. Thats not on.