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Newport Pagnell travel

Submitted by Colin Wilson on Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Just to reassure fans and others that options for travel are being fully explored and will be sorted by the weekend. Overnight coach, on the day coach or train are all possibilities, and maybe a combination of these if there is enough interest. Watch all media.

Can't wait!

Colin, if I can help in some small way with the organisation of the day, ie making lists of names etc, please let me know.

Unbelievable I know...and sad...but work has become number one priority.  Working till 6 on the Fri 27th.

10 years ago..RCA was number 1 priority...Council helped big time by the will turn around again. Few years time I will be retired and Full Time voluntary at the club this space. Will be travelling on the Sat morning whatever will be going.  Haleys and Swansburys will fill half the Bus. All will be confirmed at our Home game v Shildon...have your deposit ready !  RCA Jolly Boys Outing. You know it makes sense Rodney.

In retirement I will be Manager as well...Swaz will be my number 2 after he has proved himself with a Vase win at Wembley and Northern League Championship...he has got 5 years..Dont bet against it. ! Mind its not going according to plan for me...from Chairman to U18 Manager...I am now ####### Car Park Manager. I think I am even number 4 in the Nets Up Nets Down & Corner Flag Team...El Queso is in front of me and hes got a walking stick. But Swaz knows the score I am the only one to bring any Silverware to the not burgled...U18 County Cup...thats why he got me Tracky with initials on. All the committee jealous...all 3 of them !


Gets Better................Dave has just text to remind me...I am assistant Car Park Manager...he is the Number One...... ##### #### I am getting a transfer to RCW.

Saturday bus now confirmed 33 seater coach with loo leaving Meadow Park 8.30 on the 28th. Confirm your booking from this Saturday at the Shildon game, cash always acceptable, and when its full its full....

Just read on Twitter that Newport Pagnell are selling tickets in advance of the fixture, hope they don't sell out! wink

Whilst we only have ...not joking..about 30 regular..RCA home supporters. It is great we are travelling with over 50 away to Newport Pagnell F.C. History in the making as well..because we have never played away in the last 16 of the FA Vase.

Notice that the Attendance Capacity is listed as 500 plus but I think we will get in no bother. Mind would be great if we set the attendance record for them.

History in the making also in that neither club has been to last one set of supporters will be very jubilant on Sat night. Mind the Jolly Boy Bus will be Happy Clappers...either way

If full ground dont worry all Ryhope lads were brought up in a playground of Steep Cliffs and Tall Dene Trees...we will climb out to get a view. I am better climber than Tadger...and we can also take turns standing on each others shoulders to look over the fence.


El queso if somebody taking turns with you standing on eachothers shoulders ...remember to take your 500 badge hat off...because yer head might end up a pin cushion. Plus no walking sticks when yr on top...cos yer might poke an eye out...

Ear we go...Ear we go...Ear we me Eye !

We will drink the Clubhouse dry. The Beers on me if we win.