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Derby Win

Submitted by Ozo on Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Well the first ever league match between RCA and RCW at Meadow Park. Cold and windy day with RCA deserved winners. Could have been a few more goals for the home side. Attendance could have been better as well about 130.

Conditions difficult and the pitch will now have a chance to recover as we only have one home game in jan. 2 in feb.

Next up Mansfield and the jolly boys outing...all the best for 2017. Could be 3 on a seat in the bus....or like the old Vaux SAFC away days planks of wood for room in the central reserved aisle sections. Or planks covered with carpet like what we use in the team dug outs. Who did pinch the carpet covers by the way !

Judging by the panic-stricken text I received yesterday, asking people how many guests they were taking, that might well be the case.

Please can the departure time for AFC Mansfield be confirmed? I was told assemble 9:00 for 9:30 departure. Another person was told assemble 9:30 for 10:00 departure. Also, what is the expected eta at Meadow Park on the return journey? Some people need to arrange lifts home.

Keith, most likely you've seen the update pinned to the top of the home page:

The coach will leave at 9:30am from Meadow Park on Saturday, 7 January. We aim to be back by 10pm all being well. (They'll be a stop off on the way back.)