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A Life Of Pie

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Wednesday, 5 October 2016


The Secret Hopper was present at RCA v Bishop Auckland and for once I agree with someone else! devil

I quote from

"Exquisite – (Adjective.) Extraordinarily fine or admirable; consummate.
Sunderland RCA 2 Bishop Auckland 1.
A game decided by two exquisite passes.
The first came on the 13 minute mark.  Liam McBryde found himself with a bit of time and space, looked up and saw Colin Larkin make a run across Bishop’s back four.  McBryde delivered the perfect ball into space for Larkin to move onto.  His looping effort fooled some people into thinking it was going well over.  All of a sudden in dropped into the net and RCA were ahead.

The second?  That man McBryde again.  Another pass timed and weighted to perfection.  Callum Hassan didn’t have to break stride, he powered forward and thumped it in for RCA’s second."