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Cemetery View - September 2006

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

Slight delay with this month’s view, just catching me breath you know after last month…

Tremendous turn out for Alan Thompson’s game, but the late equaliser for the Colliery told a tale, Then, 8-0 and 5-2 defeats, only saw the second one myself obviously, but it looks like we might have a crisis at the back, then two clean sheets and a performance of the week award, I’m getting confused! And that was only the first couple of weeks.

Four home games in a row, and faces that haven’t been seen for years turn up out the blue to see what’s going on, and not just the wandering fireman. Cruising a game against Seaham, then throw away two points at the death, which always causes upset round here. Worse away at Shields, and finally I’m watching the boys play, the ref keels over in the second half, and someone takes advantage of the confusion to pinch a box of Graham’s Mars Bars and some balls. This will bring the fans back! But evidently the ref is not joining us lads just yet.

It’s a lot busier round the ground nowadays that’s for sure. More games with the boys playing as well, and good crowds for games, even if most of them sneak past Ronnie waving a bit of green paper and claiming to be the away team’s kit man. Funny Alnwick having a kit man who drinks in the Top Club, but there you go.

But what about the lights? ‘What lights?’ you might well ask. It’s hard enough to see through the fence anyway without half the game being played in darkness, come November the players will need to carry candles unless they get things organised, and soon.

Right into the season now, this could be a big month. “Need to turn performances into results” is the football cliché I think, but every new training session brings a new face so Steve looks like he is on the case.

See you down the ground, and throw us a bit of plate pie over the fence if you get the chance.