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Cemetery View - July 2006

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Saturday, 13 June 2009

July is the worst month of the year for SRCA fans, and all football fans. No football apart from the last few World Cup games, and nowt to see at Meadow Park except the Boss moving the sprinkler every now and then. At least from back here you can’t see the ‘orrible clubhouse. And in July you are always joint top.

But starting next month, it’s a new era for the club they say, new name, new partners (what you call sponsors nowadays apparently), a few new players, and big plans for things on and off the pitch. Heard it before? Aye, so have I. But lets not be pessimistic, maybe it's for real, Owen is certainly jumping up and down with excitement, and if that manky shed we call a clubhouse is replaced, that’s got to be progress.

Us lads outside the fence will be keeping an eye out and reporting back through these pages how we see it. If we can see it at all that is, there’s an ugly rumour the fence is going to be filled in, a blow for the freelance fan and deceased alike!

But for now we can see a bit of activity about the joint, a lot of pointing and waving by men in suits, and on the plus side the pre-season seems to be going well, Stevie is certainly working their socks off! And in amongst the first team lads there are a few new faces for the under 18 team which is being launched this year. Not before time I reckon; grow your own has got to be the way for little clubs like us, although maybe we won’t be a little club for much longer if the fat lad has his way.

And another thing, about time the signs and adverts were changed, new era, new name, get it on the stand son!

Enough already for the summer, keep coming back if you want the honest picture as the season unfolds, this column will always tell it like it is. You know it makes sense!