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First Day Off in over a Month.

Submitted by Ozo on Monday, 2 May 2016

Forums: first day off since March..I am going to live it up. Promised the wife that we are going out for the day....well Morpeth seems a great choice. Coincidentally we will arrive for our 1.0 ko. The promised lunch treat....pie peas and bovril.

True test of her love ...last time I took her to Meadow Park...she ended up grafting in canteen. Might have been the last time the place had a proper scrub clean as well.

Hope the game is as good as Thurs night ..clean and very competitive. Dont think they would like us to do the double over them. Come on boys I will be grinning at my m8 Rasher...if we get something.

1 more hour at the laptop...Council Business is killing me..but I will win the War ! Keep my seat....if I am single by 3.0pm ...u know why...x

Best of luck to Ryhope CW in their Cup Final v Northallerton.

Might spoil the Mrs...and get to Norton for second half.

Do u think journey morpeth to norton..75 mins !