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Smudge smith

Submitted by john mac on Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Just like to say a big thank you to Ian Smith for his service to the club , sorry to hear that he left due to work commitments 

Sad to see Ian call it a day. Great lad. Hope we see him again.

Top draw coach and more importantly great person. Has helped me with youth kids in the past as well.

Work committments....the world has gone mad. This week alone I have worked 60 hours....getting paid for 37 only. Easy at the council.....

Having missed less than 20 RCA home games since 1999....missed 5 this season. I am letting our depleted committee down. Sorry ! Had to give up my voluntary footy work at Hudson Rd school as well....started 1992.

Enough of Thatchers Britain, Grass roots and Fifa disease.. Mr Cameron....Red Tape..what a society we are in. Then they ask where are the next volunteers.

All as I can say Smudger is that you have been there at RCA in the good years.....and this Season our best ever FA Vase run. Remember our top 4 year as nearly all season.

Anyway lads get a win today ...put the smiles back...and me... well back to work. ####