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Drinking alcohol during matches

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Monday, 1 February 2016


Just noticed this and wonder what is the opinion of the RCA committee? For what it's worth, my own opinion is that anyone who can't go 45 minutes without alcohol has a problem. Don't see the point or need. Besides, I would need 3 hands (drink, phone, walking sticklaugh).

North Shields FC have submitted a change to the Northern League rules on the consumption of alcohol. This was submitted 3 weeks ago well in advance of January 31st. At the request of Ashington & South Shields we (North Shields) agreed to a couple of minor amendments after they contacted our Secretary asking for details (changes in bold). 

Alcohol can be sold and consumed in stadiums, before, during and after a match for those clubs which would like to allow it and have the appropriate licensing with the local authority under the following conditions:

1). Only alcohol bought in the stadium or adjacent club house can be consumed.

2). Alcohol must be served in plastic containers.

3). Designated “Alcohol Allowed Area” to be clearly marked in the stadium and alcohol to only be consumed in this area (or areas). Area is restricted to no more than 50%* of the circumference of the pitch side rail.

4). All clubs must have a sign stating their alcohol status on a particular date at the stadium entrances. For those clubs that do not want alcohol consumption this will be a permanent sign.

5). “Alcohol Allowed Area” signs must be obscured in the event of a restriction of alcohol sale i.e. FA Competition game.

6). All clubs that wish to allow alcohol consumption in their stadium must inform the Northern League of this intent.

* North Shields originally stipulated 25%.

As always when this rears its head it is the committee's who have to police it.

If it is up to individual clubs then that could be a problem with Durham affiliated clubs as I beleive they do not allow any of their clubs to let alchohol be consumed outside of the clubhouse. (i might not be up to date with that ruling but it certainly used to be the case).

Our stand point will be discussed with our committee before any decision is made but like you I can certainly wait 45 minutes for a drink.

This is a personal point of view and not necessarily the view of the Committee as we have not discussed it this season.