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RCA v Bristol Manor Farm sat 30th Jan.

Submitted by Ozo on Monday, 25 January 2016


Well first things first. Need to find Larksy's wedding ring which was lost in Meadow Park on Sat. Anybody got a metal detector.

Weather forecast better this week than should be no problems for the big game. Presume Bristol lads are booked in for digs on Fri last thing we need is rain back end of the week.

Good video of Sat game against Sleaford.

1. Has an agreement been reached with the visitors regarding admission charges?

2. Will there be a replay if scores are level after 90 minutes + 30 minutes, or will it go to penalties?

3. Does anyone know which hotel the visitors are using? Just so I can send my (numerous) grandkids round in the middle of the night with their drums, klaxons ands vuvuzelas devil

Hope Larks finds the ring broken heart

Admission prices remain at £5.00 adults  £3.00 concessions: Mainly due to OZO pre printing posters.

Replay will be the following Saturday at Bristol Manor Farm if scores are level after 120 minutes. The team will probably travel down on the Friday.

Bristol Manor Farm will be staying at the Premier Inn, Hind Street, Sunderland. ( I guess it will be the normal noisy Friday night in any case). The team and Committee are also staying over, at their own expense, on the Saturday night.  

I'm told they will be all issued with ear plugs on the Friday night. Grandkids may not be required haha.

Dont think we will ever stoop low and change prices mid season flow. Although some alien websites are already stating we would take advantage....of a last 16 tie. Let's keep our credibility. Suppose we could have made it £6 and £4. Given our last round attendance...that would net us another £109. Suppose that's 3 places in the Premier Inn.

Let's be fair like always......hope the gate is above 250. If not seriously Time to give up. Safc not playing and they are promoting it on their website to help the club. Sam Allardyce might be coming.....inside the Black Cat outfit.

I will be on double car park duty....please park responsibly !

Although it doesn't affect the Vase at this stage, the FA impose minimum prices on Admission for their National competitions , which the away team could, and have in the past, ask us to make up the difference.

In the FA Vase this doesn't take effect until the semi final when both team agree a price prior to the first leg.

In the FA Cup it is in the Fourth Qualifying round when the minimum is raised to £6.00 and then £10.00 for the first round proper.

It is not a matter of profiteering but of abiding by the rules of the competition. Slight rant over.



There is a mechanism, within the competition rules, for clubs to agree admission fees and the FA only set minimum charges ie:

(i) Except where mutually agreed otherwise the minimum admission (except to children and senior citizens) to matches shall be:
In the First Round Qualifying to Third Round Proper: £3.00
In the Fourth Round Proper to Semi-Finals: £4.00
(ii) A higher admission charge may be mutually agreed between the Clubs concerned.
(iii) The price for admission for children and senior citizens must be mutually agreed between the Clubs concerned.
Which indicates the possibility of a price increase and which was the reason for my question.
I saw admission set at £8 and £5 for a 6th round tie as long ago as 2009-10.
I wouldn't criticise any club for increasing prices, especially when they are faced with sharing the cost of a hotel (£1,000) and coach travel (possibly £1,700 in Manor Farm's case). That is without the officials' expenses and match fees (£155 in fees for 5th round). Only the winners of the tie can benefit financially as far as I can see. A tie at somewhere like Hereford, for instance, would be an exception.
Now, while I am on my soapbox, I can't understood why each club in a tie should have 10 complimentary tickets for each round up to and including the 3rd round proper, but then the number increases to 20 complimentary tickets for 4th, 5th, 6th and semi-final rounds. Is there suddenly an increase in the sizes of the committees?devil

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We are estimating that with floodlights and Referee fees we will need to clear almost 2000 to cover expenses.

This is with Bristol Manor Farm keeping their expenses to an absolute minimum.

The price of success eh!

I also am bewildered by the sudden hike in the complimentary tickets, however when I look at clubs in our league there are quite a few with committees which seem to grow whenever a cup competition come along.

Not RCA.......

Anyway El Queso...r u on our committee. Corner flag Maintenance Manager.

Well it was great while it lasted. Can't really complain about the result, both teams could have won it and Manor Farm did.

Nice folk those from Bristol, hope they enjoy the rest of their journey, not just this weekend but the rest of the competition.

The CA lads looked gutted at the end as did a lot of the rest of us, I am sure. Never mind there is still the County Cup, which is prestigious in itself.

Thanks to all involved in the Vase escapade, I have really enjoyed it. I think I am feeling a little happier than Newton Aycliffe folk are this evening, our lads gave it a good go but Aycliffe seem to have capitulated. They will probably blame it on the Hartlepool Utd team coach which they borrowed to go to Surrey, not being used to such luxury tha nars wink