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FA Vase Admission Prices

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Sunday, 3 January 2016


Can someone please confirm that admission for the Sleaford Town game is the same as for normal league games? I have been asked about this and told several people it's £5 & £3 but I just remembered that the FA allows an increase in admission for later rounds, as long as both participating clubs come to an agreement.

Posters are out for game after speaking with club secretary.

£5 Entry and concessions £3. Was going to pin a few down the Colliery today....but they might get washed away !

No m8...think we will be drafting one with new date as well !

The dry forecast has reversed to more rain for end of week.

If date change hope it stops as a Saturday...only fair

If there is any doubt about the Vase tie vs Sleaford being staged at Meadow Park  this coming Saturday due to the wet weather, would it not be possible/feasible to make a contingency arrangement to play the away league fixture vs Consett, which has been postponed from Saturday coming to Tuesday 19th April? The way matches are being postponed everywhere, it would be a pity if Belle View was to stand idle, when it could conceivably be used as intended. Consett don't have a game this Saturday and ground-sharers Durham are due at West Allotment. I am sure that, by Friday, we will have a good idea how the pitch is holding up. Just saying tha nars.enlightened

Belle View is now hosting the oft-posponed FA Vase 3rd round tie Dunston UTS v Seaham Red Star on Saturday.

After 2 did Seaham not get a chance to stage game first. Crazy rules...if we get called off twice v Sleaford....can we hire plastic !

"If the match be drawn or again postponed or abandoned it shall be played as directed by The FA".

[Copied from The Rules for the FA Vase 2015-16].

In other words, nobody knows.

If the FA made decision....very helpful for both clubs.

As it is likely to be only non league game on in North East Dunston/Red star might get a big pay day !