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Fitness Test

Submitted by Ozo on Friday, 18 December 2015


No joke....I pulled a calf muscle...standing on the barrier..taking nets down on tues night !

I am now good for nowt !

But will b there early tomorra..last legless challenge...don't want to b kicked off committee in our Wembley year.

A big well done to all those people who joined the chairman on his walk yesterday, especially to Simon, whose contribution, through personal sponsorship, was marvellous. I know that Mike was quite pleased with everything which was done on his behalf for the day.

Well done to all for a great day. Walkers, Dave Martin at the Board in for a Christmas feast for Half time.

Simon for a big chunk £ to get us started and ending up with a final total of £400....all impressive.

Match result not the perfect Christmas present but another point. The way our injury list is building up we will be glad of draws like this. 45 points.....then we can enjoy games at the back end of the Season.

See us all on Boxing Day at Seaham....enjoy the festivities....walking in a Vase wonderland. Please get fit lads.