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Tuesday FA Vase

Submitted by Ozo on Sunday, 13 December 2015


Confident we would have had over 200 in attendance with a Sat game. A Tuesday night fixture is not ideal and the pressure increases to get the game on.

Need the sun out like at the moment for next 2 days.

At least we might get a few SAFC supporters at a midweek game. Couple of Tadcaster supporters still arrived at Meadow Park yesterday. Treated them to the match day buffet that was going to waste and a match programme. Not totally a wasted visit and at least the lady got to see the she cannot get Tuesday.

This web site has 7:45 as does the Tadcaster and FA web sites. However, the Northern League web  site has it down as 7:30 and the Echo has copied that and published it today.