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RCA 2-1 Whitley Bay

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Sunday, 15 November 2015


Not pretty, but the result was hard-worked-for and deserved. Still think that Gladstone should have "walked" for his deliberate foul on Charlo.

Only two things that the referee commented on after the game, the penalty appeal by Whitley Bay, McNab won the ball and played it for a corner. (there was more of an appeal by the spectators than the players)

Gladstone was lucky it was a trip rather than kicking out at an opponent in the opinion of the Referee.

For what its worth Keith I agree with you, Callen was sent off last season for exactly the same.

The Referee and Assistants also commented on the players and management who conducted themselves impeccably throughout the game.

I think that it helps when the referee gets the majority of the major decisions right.  


Sorry Keith wrong incident, for Gladestone in original post replace with Anderson's trip on Callen. (Must put my reading glasses on).

He made no mention of the Gladstone incident although it looked clear that he made no attempt to get to the ball. There were defenders around him and whether he was denying a goalscoring opportunity we can argue till the cow come home. 

Do you know how to amend a Posting on this forum

The officials commented on the impeccable behaviour of players and management. Nice to hear. It's a pity the good behaviour didn't extend to one particular Whitley Bay supporter in the cowshed in the second half, whose language was not nice, to say the least. He was eventually asked to curb his swearing, by another Bay supporter. The thought occurs, if a Secret Shopper had been present, would he have correctly identified the man's allegiance and marked Whitley Bay down, accordingly? As far as I am aware the culprit didn't wear any club colours.

Probably would mark us down. However the secret shopper never appears when we are as good as gold only when there is something to complain about.