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Good result ower the watter

Submitted by el Queso Grande on Thursday, 17 September 2015


North Shields 1-2 RCA.
Following various feeds on Twitter makes me further convinced that different people see the same thing differently. The guy who runs the @NorthShieldsFC, who I do know personally, seemed quite frustrated at the lack of goals from his team and was dumbfounded at the result. I admit to a feeling of trepidation when Gareth ("He scores when he wants") Bainbridge was brought into the game after 70 minutes but to no avail. He described James Talbot's save from the penalty spot as a miss but as it was saved, it can't have been off target therefore not a miss.
Then, to read of a bad injury to Andrew Brown, reduced the euphoria of victory. Without knowledge of the type and extent of the injury, I can only hope that Browny is soon back to full fitness and extend my best wishes to him.
Now actually looking forward to the league cup tie next week.
Can we have some emoticons, please? :-)

Information from his mother Jackie is that there are no broken bones, and that the problem appears to be more muscular than Skeletal.
He is still not able to walk without considerable pain and currently on very strong painkillers.
Massive thanks to the guy from North Shields who tended to Andrew for 1hour 30 minutes while we waited for the ambulance.
Good wishes are sent to Andrew from all at SRCA we hope to see you back on your feet soon.