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View from the Cemetery - February 2015 - Part 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Thursday, 26 February 2015

So much to talk about. Ground problems but progress on the pitch, the fight against relegation looking very interesting, big boys across the river looking rocky and manager writing to the fans, tight championship race with Shildon slowly emerging as most people’s favourites, FIFA up to their usual shameless shenanigans; where do we start? At home obviously, although we don't often play there. All in all more good news than bad, the occasional disaster being interspersed with a good few fighting wins. Certainly managed to upset the Bishop faithful, quite distressed at the nerve of the likes of us beating the likes of them, and quite vocal about it as well. Seems we were very lucky, only a matter of them being bad, not us being good. All a matter of opinion of course, and my spies reckoned we could have had six in both games. Probably mistaken. Shame, but never mind old chaps, Bishops will return to their rightful glory one of these days I'm sure.

Back on Planet Earth lack of goals seems to be our biggest problem, solid in most parts otherwise, and to be fair the new combination of youth and Irish flair up front looks promising, with the occasional move forward of the Ginger E'to to spice things up. Yes, looks like a fascinating few weeks through to the end of the season. I am cautiously optimistic...

FIFA are, as always, my second favourite subject, could you make them up? Cup Final on Christmas Eve or just about they reckon is a good idea when the Cup goes to the Gulf, that will go down well on the domestic front. If it happens of course, I remain fairly certain that Blatter's removal, resignation or collapse from his own iniquity will come soon enough followed by a rapid re think, get your money on Australia for 2022 I say. Better bet all round, good weather, decent beer, and first class Sheilas who speak a version of English. Who could ask for more? I only wish I could go...

And Gus thinks what the fans need is a letter from his good self. That might work. I rather recommend winning a few games myself, it’s the more conventional answer to football problems. But what would I know?