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View from the Cemetery

View from the Cemetery - February 2015 - Part 3

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Tuesday, 3 March 2015

In my many years of peering through this fence, one thing has stayed remarkably similar, namely that we always seem to win more games away than we do at home. Never mind being very disappointing for those of us stuck in this post-life compound, just why is it I wonder? Is it the atmosphere that puts our lads off? Does the sight of the cemetery on two sides cause players to ponder on their mortality when they should be pondering on the opposition centre forward? It surely can't be the pressure of expectation. And, given the size of the usual gate it certainly can't be stagefright. But, whatever the reason, it does seem to be the case. Even our glorious run to fourth place a few years back was fuelled mainly by unlikely wins on our travels, with home games featuring an unfeasible number of draws. This year has not so far been the same of course, not least because we haven't had enough wins either home or away. But now I start to think the tide has turned, and that what is clearly going to be an epic run to escape from the bottom three in this last few weeks of the season is likely to feature a number of gritty wins on the road and somewhat less glorious results at home. I hope I'm wrong. Expectations were certainly running high after last week’s excellent win at Newton Aycliffe for the visit of Jarrow Roofing on Saturday, but we hoped in vain. Bad goals conceded, and despite lots of possession, not enough good attempts on goal. Never mind, lets go again...

View from the Cemetery - February 2015 - Part 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Thursday, 26 February 2015

So much to talk about. Ground problems but progress on the pitch, the fight against relegation looking very interesting, big boys across the river looking rocky and manager writing to the fans, tight championship race with Shildon slowly emerging as most people’s favourites, FIFA up to their usual shameless shenanigans; where do we start? At home obviously, although we don't often play there. All in all more good news than bad, the occasional disaster being interspersed with a good few fighting wins. Certainly managed to upset the Bishop faithful, quite distressed at the nerve of the likes of us beating the likes of them, and quite vocal about it as well. Seems we were very lucky, only a matter of them being bad, not us being good. All a matter of opinion of course, and my spies reckoned we could have had six in both games. Probably mistaken. Shame, but never mind old chaps, Bishops will return to their rightful glory one of these days I'm sure.

Back on Planet Earth lack of goals seems to be our biggest problem, solid in most parts otherwise, and to be fair the new combination of youth and Irish flair up front looks promising, with the occasional move forward of the Ginger E'to to spice things up. Yes, looks like a fascinating few weeks through to the end of the season. I am cautiously optimistic...

View from the Cemetery - February 2015

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Monday, 9 February 2015

Very good win down at Bishops, and an encouraging display I hear. Overall one of our lucky opponents Bishops, get a fair number of results against them, much to the disgust of some of their loyal supporters it must be said. Great weeping and wailing through the match and afterwards from one or two local gentlemen, after some premature celebration when Bishops took the lead, and quite an amount of noise on the web. But it definitely shows they care, and there are plenty of them.

Not my business of course, but they always look to me like a steadily run club, not taking chances or spending money they haven't got. Much like our own little club indeed, though on a bigger scale. Makes you think about our place in things.

View from the Cemetery - January 2015 - Part 2

Submitted by Ghostly Gadgie on Wednesday, 21 January 2015

So, will we finally see some action down at Meadow Park this Saturday? The workers don't seem too confident, that's for sure, much shaking of heads and the occasional expletive, not deleted. It does look a bit of a mess and no mistake, not helped by the boy racer tendencies of the tractor drivers if you ask me, some nice tracks and turn marks, in fact the source of the expletives more often than not. Looks like it is very weather dependent, not a comforting thought in January. But if it stays reasonably dry, and if they can get a decent bit of rolling done regularly, well then the lads might have a very nice patch of mud to play on. Not grass admittedly, but even so. But if it turns and stays wet then off the boys go on their travels I guess. Not much use to us up here....


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