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Player profile: Sam Lilley

Submitted by Mark Cowan on Saturday, 13 April 2019

1 - Nickname - Sam or me and Dom [Moan] get called the Chuckle Brothers, not sure why the lads think we aren’t the brightest.

2 - Position - Centre half, right back or the bench.

3 - Previous Clubs - Middlesbrough and Scunthorpe.

4 - Best moment in football - Playing in the same team as my Dom [Moan].

5 - Best goal scored - Only ever scored one so it’s got to be that one. 35 yard volley from the edge of the 18 yard box! Probably one of the best headers you’ll ever see.

6 - Best player you’ve played with and against - Best player I’ve played with by a country mile is Dom [Moan], great player. Against, is probably Dom and only ever played against him in training when he asked me to let him score.

7 - Best and worst in training - Best is Dom Moan. Always gives a full 40%. Worst has got be Swaz for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to be on his side in training as he’s that bad, not sure I can put into words how bad he is.

8 - Best and worst craic - Best is Dom. Me and my Dom are always debating Brexit, politics, the environment - don’t get me started on the damaging effects plastic is having on the environment - real important stuff that the other lads don’t really understand and I’ve also just found out that a ‘joiner’ is someone who joins pipes together. Worst has got to be Swaz, tries to be funny when he’s clearly not.

9 - Best and worst dressed - Best is Dom. Proper stylish and is always smart, like a model, straight out the catalogue or the catwalk. Worst is Swaz. Doesn’t realise he’s nearly 60 and tries to copy off me and Dom with his dress sense. He’s now started wearing ‘Gordon McQueens’ which look like a size 3 and jeans with a turn-up, just looks stupid.

10 - Favourite player at RCA - Easy, Dom Moan. Great player, great lad and my cousin. Can play in a few different positions, is quick, strong and has an eye for goal. The complete player in my eyes.