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Player profile: James Armstrong

Submitted by Tim Robinson on Saturday, 29 September 2018

1 - Nickname:

Army or Ruud Mullet.

2 - Position:

Central midfield or the bench.

3 - Previous clubs:

Sunderland and Hull City.

4 - Best moment in football:

Signing professional forms with Sunderland and playing more than seven games in a full season for RCA.

5 - Best goal:

It was a late winner in the FA Vase against Bridlington three years ago for RCA from 50 yards.

6 - Best player:

The best I’ve played against is Ross Barkley and the best with is Larks.

7 - Best and worst trainers:

Best: Pagey
Worst: Clayton can clear a 4g AstroTurf fence so probably him for worst.

8 - Best and worst craic:

Best: Adzy or Mark
Worst: Swaz just argues with himself!

9 - Best and worst dressed:

Best: Me, 100%, no one gets near me for best.
Worst: There’s a few: Charlo, Swanna, Swaz.

10 - Favourite player:

Swanna. He counts as three players on the pitch. Top player.