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Thanks very much, Tim

Submitted by Simon Mears on Sunday, 14 April 2019

Yesterday’s cracking win over Penrith wasn't just the last match of the season, it was also Tim Robinson's final match as a volunteer at Sunderland RCA, although he will still be watching the lads from time to time as a supporter.

Over the last 12 years, Tim has made a significant contribution to RCA off the field - committee member; match reporter; club photographer; programme editor and contributor; secretarial work; social media contributor; clubhouse service assistant; club website creator, developer, administrator and contributor - and all done with complete professionalism.

From a personal point of view, Tim has taught me - from scratch - to produce photographs for the club, which has created an interest in photography for which I am, and shall remain, extremely grateful.

Tim and I are also currently working together with a view to me taking over as club website administrator (not an easy task for him, I can assure you!) But we both strongly feel that this magnificent archive of RCA's history should be preserved, nurtured and continued for seasons to come.

Thanks again, Tim.


I concur. Thanks Tim and best of luck for the future.

Good luck also to Simon. With the likes of me around he will need it devil

Did I ever tell you the one about the web site administrator who was being harassed and stalked by his own alter-ego and ended up disappearing into his own cache? ....... Nah I am not even going there cool